Hire Gear

We have available a full range of hire gear, including ropes. We only hire if there is at least one experienced climber in the group — hiring is not guaranteed until you have spoken to us.

Prices (per day)

Shoes: $20

Harnesses: $20

Helmets: $15

Rope & Rope Tarp: $45

Quickdraws (12): $25

Anchor Chain & Screwgates (2): $10

Belay Device & Screwgate: $10

GriGri & Locksafe Screwgate: $15

Ohm Fall Resistor: $15

5m Stick Clip: $15

Chalkbag & Chalk: $5

Bouldering Mat: $25

Guidebook: $5

We require a credit card as security.

Other hire gear eg. bolting equipment is also available, please let us know your requirements.